In the late 90’s

In the late 90’s, humanity started contributing to a central store of all human knowledge — the internet. The internet back then was made up mostly of text, and to that end search engines like Google indexed it all — literally putting all human knowledge at people’s fingertips.
20+ years later, we’re at a crossroads where richer data types are being used to store human knowledge. 80% of the internets IP traffic today is video. Apps like TikTok have exploded, smart cameras exist almost everywhere from homes, to farms, construction sites, offices, retail stores, and warehouses, and we’ve been ushered into a new age of collaborative, creative tools with experiences such as Figma.
Unlike twenty years ago, human knowledge exists in more places and forms than ever. And every developer and company trying to build a new magical experience is left setting up AI / ML infrastructure, wondering why they have to manage datasets, and figuring out how to process, structure, search, and deliver resulting data to an end application.
Sieve’s mission is to build the core infrastructure needed to process, understand, and search the rich data — so developers can ship magical experiences faster. And video is just the start.
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Abhinav Ayalur

Co-Founder and CTO

Gaurav Rao

Founding Engineer

Mokshith Voodarla

Co-Founder and CEO

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