ML tools for software teams.
Pre-built solutions available as an API & a full featured framework to scale ML apps.
Object Tracking
Detect objects in a video and track them across frames.
Accelerate your AI R&D
Explore pre-built apps and functions, or work with the Sieve team to tackle your exact problem.
Scale to production
Minimize infrastructure setup while maintaining full flexibility on how you run your workloads at scale.
Collaborate with your entire team
Enable PMs, data scientists, and software engineers to interact with ML apps collaboratively.
a fully featured ML runtimeDeploy your own apps
Define some code
Don't worry about GPU configuration, CUDA versions, or Docker. Take regular Python code and add a simple decorator to it.
Deploy instantly, call from anywhere
Deploy code to Sieve in a single command. Call it via API, Python SDK, or the dashboard.

Web UI
an image to pass into my_model
Call pre-existing functions and models
Leverage the library of functions and models built by the Sieve community. Call them from your own code, the Sieve dashboard, or use them in your custom workflows.
Build complex workflows
Most apps require many functions and models chained together in non-trivial ways. Use a combination of existing building blocks and your own code to build the solution you want.
Built to scaleForget about infrastructure
Sieve scales to meet your demand while giving you granular control over replica counts and other useful metrics.
Fast data transfer
Quick processing across clouds due to specialized rich data transfer via Sieve data types.
Stream and batch processing
Use Sieve's iterator support to stream results from jobs, or launch massively parallel jobs to process large datasets.
Full featured observability
Seamless viewing of logs, traffic, and latency by jobs, apps, models, or functions.
Built for teamsFor engineers and non-engineers alike
Organization Support
Add your team members to a shared workspace of Sieve apps.
Single source of truth
All your functions and models in one place: reusable, version controlled, and shared across applications.
Cross-functional collaboration
Trigger apps, visualize results, and share with your entire team using Sieve's web-based dashboard or CLI.
Built for your use case
Work with the experts
We're a team of machine learning experts from places like Berkeley, NVIDIA, Apple, Snapchat, Microsoft, and Scale AI. Work with us to support your custom use case and integrate Sieve into your existing pipeline.

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