Ship powerful AI features, fast.
Stop worrying about complex infrastructure and broken tools. Leverage the latest and greatest models, while collaborating with your entire team.
How Sieve WorksNew features in minutesThe AI space is moving so fast, it's hard to keep up. Siloed code, slow processing, and painful deployment should be a thing of the past. We built a cloud-native workflow orchestration tool that can be used by developers, PMs, and designers alike.
Deploy Workflow
Pick a starter template, leverage building blocks, deploy custom code, or use our visual editor.
Push Data
Trigger a workflow from the API, CLI, or automatically generated UI in Sieve's dashboard.
Iterate and Experiment
Test varying inputs, API providers, model versions, and more. Log results to track and improve performance.
Deploy to Production
Already production-ready. Integrate with a single API call, scale to thousands of jobs effortlessly.
API DemoStart with a templateStart using Sieve as a simple API using a variety of template workflows. Custom object detection, background blur and removal effects, text-based queries to search over videos, talking avatar generation, and more.
Step 1
Push a job
Step 2
Get the results
Send request to see results
Built for developers, designers, and PMs alikeBuild custom workflowsSieve is a fully-featured workflow orchestration tool that you can use to build for virtually any use case. Developers can use the SDK to deploy custom models, while designers and PMs can use the visual editor to quickly build custom workflows.
For engineers and data scientists
Step 1
Define models and functions
Just define some Python code, libraries, and dependencies.
Step 2
Define your workflow
Step 3
We'll build and deploy your workflow to the cloud for you in minutes. No need to worry about infrastructure.
Step 4
Push Data
Push data to your workflow in a single API call.
For designers and PMs
Step 1
Browse template workflows and models
Pick a template workflow or build one using the visual editor.
Templates page
Step 2
Drag and drop
Pick a template workflow or build one using the visual editor and the model library.
Step 3
Push Data
Auto-generated, typed UI to push data with no code.
Templates page
Iterate and experiment with your entire teamExperiment and collaborate, fast.We built a framework that makes it easy to reference public or private models, either from code or the visual editor. Sieve is also updated regularly with the latest open-source models and workflows.
Example: AI Talking Head Avatar Generation
Built to scaleForget about infrastructure
Flexible inference
Start with serverless, always-available auto-scaling. Then, scale up to dedicated GPU instances for faster and more cost-effective inference.
Advanced optimizations
Even faster processing due to optimizations for rich data using specialized data storage and transfer via `sieve.Video`, `sieve.Image`, and `sieve.Audio` data types.
Stream and batch processing
Use Sieve's iterator support to stream results from jobs as they are processed, or launch massively parallel jobs to process large sets of data.
Best-in-class orchestration
Automatic retries, job monitoring dashboards, run logs, and everything else you'd expect from a workflow orchestration tool.
Build for your custom use caseUse Cases
Content Search
Object Detection
Highlight Generation
AI Avatars
Background Removal
Voice Cloning
Audio Enhancement
Art Generation
Audio Transcription
Scene Detection
Content Tagging
Content Upscaling
Style Transfer
Custom Workflow
Learn how Sieve can support your custom use case
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