The cloud for
video audio 
Leading product teams use Sieve's APIs, tools, and infrastructure to ship AI-powered capabilities faster, together.
Deploy custom appsAccelerate your R&D
Empower your team of developers, designers, and PMs to build custom AI apps with full ownership & control.
Many ready-to-use models and apps
State-of-the art models in just a few lines of code, and a curated set of production-ready apps for video and audio.
Build complex AI apps
What if you could import your favorite models like they were utilities? With Sieve, you can combine many models together in just a few lines of code.
Collaborative playgrounds
Each app comes with an auto-generated playground to share with your team. PMs and designers can experiment just as easily as engineers.
Deploy custom models with ease
Define your dependencies and compute type in-code, and deploy with a single command.
Infrastructure that just works
Fast, scalable infrastructure without the hassle. No AWS account required.
Run at any scale
We built Sieve to automatically scale as your traffic increases with zero extra configuration.
Stop worrying about Docker, CUDA, and GPUs
Package models with a simple Python decorator and deploy instantly.
Logs and metrics
A full-featured observability stack so you have full visibility of what’s happening under the hood.
Flexible, compute-based pricing
Pay only for what you use, by the second. Gain full control over your costs.
Built for your use case
Work with the experts
We're a team of machine learning experts from places like Berkeley, NVIDIA, Apple, Snapchat, Microsoft, and Scale AI. Work with us to support your custom use case and integrate Sieve into your existing pipeline.

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